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Mittwoch, 09.03.2011 um 11:17 von Peter Marquardt

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I've been in love with making music for as long as I can think. When I was six I started learning my first instrument and in 1996 I took my first crude steps in making electronic music. Since then from time to time music would happen to me and over the course of 15 years I managed to generate a catalog of 80 complete and self-written titles which range from listenable to very good.

The style or genre of my music is hard to pin down. Something in between demo scene, ambient and a couple other genres. It has been called »aquarium music« because of its layers and floating sounds, some have foolishly called it Techno and a few poor souls thought it was a stroke of genius. After trying to please others at some point I instead started to make the music for my own sake. It was liberating.

One thing is certain: for the first time the music I'm making has passed the threshold at which I'm viewing it as worth publishing. Until now I've offered my music in a closed off area or in parts publicly as free MP3 downloads. My most loyal listener was probably myself. Taking money for it wasn't an option because I wasn't pleased enough with it.

Renoise zu Tunecore zu iTunes

But that has changed. I'm enjoying my music more than ever and I think others will be able to enjoy it, too. To test the waters of marketability of my music and to gain valuable experience regarding self-publishing I've invested a few bucks and used a service called tunecore to publish a few tracks as an album on iTunes and a few other digital music outlets.

That was a quick shot. I even finalized two tracks just in time because they would fit in with the other tracks on the album. The opportunity presented itself to me and I thought: yeah, why not let's try this. If it works out and I'll make a few pennies that's cool. If not then it will have been a good experience. It also forced me to label my tracks as »done« which was incredibly liberating because now I can look forward instead of thinking how I'll improve things further.

Drumroll please…

And so here it is. Grown over the course of one year and available for purchase today:

lastfuture - reverse killbuy album in iTunes

lastfuture reverse kill Albumcover

buy album on Amazon MP3

The Tracks

1. Humanity (intro)
Ingrediens: Bebot on the iPhone, Garageband

2. Enigma
Ingrediens: NanoStudio in the iPad

3. Tension
Ingrediens: Renoise, Garageband

4. Princess
Ingrediens: Hexatone on the iPhone, Korg iElectribe on the iPad, Four Track on the iPad, Renoise

5. Jet Car
Ingrediens: Hexatone on the iPad, Garageband

6. Rude
Ingrediens: Psycle

7. Smoothie
Ingrediens: Renoise

8. Rubber, Bacon, Rock & Roll
Ingrediens: Bebot on the iPad, Renoise

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