I am

Dienstag, 07.09.2010 um 21:24 von Peter Marquardt

I resist
I resent
I refuse
I regret
I repeat
I remind
I remember
I fret

I engage
I entangle
I see
I envision
I enter
I leave
I can't make a decision

I don't have
I don't need
I don't want
I don't care
I don't see
I don't hear
I don't speak
I despair

I disguise
I distort
I dismember
I die
I detach
I deincarnate
I am not I

I am nobody
I am no soul
I am here
I am everywhere
I am opaque
I am clear

I'm the earth
and the sun
and the sea
and the wind
I am everything
and yet I'm not where you think

I am outside of time
and of space
and of matter
outside of your logic
inside every letter

I am every droplet of ink on a page
I am there to express love and heartbreak and rage

I am prose
I am poetry
I am a word
I am sane
I am questionable
or absurd

Yet as much as I am,
I express
and I do
I am never myself
I am really just you

(Written within 20 minutes in a rush of poetic enlightenment)

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Chris Marquardt – Dienstag, 07.09.2010 um 21:48:

Uuuuuuh, wie schön!!! Echt!

Trudel Marquardt – Mittwoch, 08.09.2010 um 10:00:

Toll, ich bin stolz auf Dich!

Beate Elling-Marquardt – Mittwoch, 08.09.2010 um 21:39:

wow… mein kleiner Bruder, der Poet! Echt schoen!

Peter Marquardt – Donnerstag, 09.09.2010 um 00:54:

Na immerhin die Familie findet's gut :)

Joy – Donnerstag, 09.09.2010 um 22:27:

Die Joy auch :)

André Elling – Freitag, 10.09.2010 um 22:00:

Das ist ja affentiten super …

Hoert zich an wie der holländer Jules Deelder. wir schicken mal eine karte.

Sehr gut gemacht.